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Call Tracking

$99 / month

If your customers are converting offline, phone call tracking is a must. Luckily, Webdify has you covered with multiple call tracking options.


Service Features

Call tracking helps you identify which advertising efforts are producing the results you’re looking for.  Knowing which efforts are making your phones ring is a must to ramp up your sales.

Tier 1 – Static Call Tracking*

  • Single dedicated tracking number.
  • Track the total number of calls coming into your site.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Tier 2 – Google Dynamic Call Tracking

  • Exclusively for AdWords PPC customers.
  • Works with AdWords and Google Analytics to track offline conversions down to the campaign, ad group and keyword level.
  • Streamlined integration for a quick and easy setup.

Tier 3 – Comprehensive Dynamic Call Tracking*

  • Using a small piece of code on your site, dynamically change the phone number every visitor sees.
  • Track every phone call down to the keyword level for maximum reporting.
  • Full Google and Bing integration means conversions are visible in both AdWords and Bing Ads.

What we need from you?

  • Point to phone number.
  • Area code or toll free preference.
  • Access to ad platforms and analytics (as needed).

*Static call tracking and dynamic call tracking include 300 minutes of talk time, $.07/minute after that.  Dynamic tracking is limited to 20 tracking numbers, $1/number after that.

Additional information


Tier 1 – Static Call Tracking, Tier 2 – Google Dynamic Call Tracking, Tier 3 – Comprehensive Dynamic Call Tracking*

Call Tracking

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